Concierge Acupuncture

There are two types of concierge acupuncture.

The first is for those who want regular ongoing treatments and access to the practitioner at other than regular office hours (retainer fee)

The second is house calls during regular office hours (fee for each appointment).


Concierge: Retainer Fee


Sometimes people have a need for long term, regular treatments, either for chronic pain or for more serious ailments that need special, regular attention, such as recovery from strokes or surgeries or traumatic events. This can be for one week, one month or for several months and when it is most convenient for the patient. The rates will very depending on what services are being requested and the frequency of the services.


Concierge: Fee for services rendered


It is not always convenient for people to take time out of a busy schedule or day to come in to the office for their appointments. The practitioner will come to the patient’s home, business or medical facility for intensive treatments. $180.00 per session.


Candice currently offers Concierge Service to the Key Biscayne and Coral Gables areas of South Florida.