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  • review rating 5  I was referred to Candace by a good friend of mine... I am grateful to have been treated by such a gifted and compassionate acupuncturist! She read me like a book when she evaluated me (I had my doubts LOL) and was totally down to earth with me. It was definitely an eye opener for a first visit! Candace is also very intuitive and has your best interests at heart. I am sad that she has moved- trying to find a replacement is going to be difficult!!

    thumb Monica Velez

    review rating 5  I have worked with Candice for several months now and her knowledge, insight, compassion, and caring are so helpful. Her intuition and ability to understand others, their particular needs and personality is finely tuned. She’s honest, up front, an excellent communicator, and dedicated to efficacious service to others. I can’t say enough about her. Very positive, clear, smart, and giving. She’s wonderful.

    thumb Sean Murphy

    review rating 5  I first met Candice when I went to her for shoulder pain that was a “10” from a calcium deposit in that area. In order to help me in the best way, Candice first did a pulse analysis. Beside my pain, I didn’t realize that I was being affected subconsciously by the anniversary of death of a family member. Candice is so talented with pulse analysis that she told me where in my body I was holding this sorrow. I knew I did not want shoulder surgery, and her knowledge as a herbalist helped dissolve the deposit. I’ve been pain free for ten years. My other issue was helped when Candice treated my stress with acupuncture. Four years ago I had a knee replacement and Candice helped my post- operative healing not only with acupuncture for pain control but the ointment she made for me for wound healing. Her knowledge of what product is needed when is outstanding. She even customized a solution for a scalp problem for a family member. I also refered a friend to Candice and she, too, was amazed by what was revealed by her pulse analysis. It’s the best way to deal with the issues that are affecting our bodies and we may not even be aware of what is causing us to feel badly. I am an RN by profession and do believe that eastern medicine has merits long before western medicine was available, and that ancient peoples knew how to pay attention to the body and how to heal in nature. I cannot recommend all Candice is able to do enough. There should be more than five stars!

    thumb mary and joe boylan

    review rating 5  I initially went to Candice hoping that acupuncture could alleviate the pain and frequency of my RA flares that were debilitating. She began with an extensive interview and a pulse reading. From that point on, I had weekly sessions and she developed an herbal treatment customized for my situation. That was fourteen months ago. I am now going on two months without a flare!! I attribute a big part of my improvement to the quality of her care. Together with traditional methods and her approach she has my body and my blood work in balance so that I can live my normal active lifestyle. I gave her five stars for her knowledge, skills and caring manner. I also love her moisturizer serum; it seems her skills never cease. You are in excellent care with Candice. We in the Florida Keys miss her, send our gratitude and wish her the best on her new journey.

    thumb Christine Johanson
  • review rating 5  My wife and I have had such great success using Candice as our acupuncturist. We used her every week with outstanding results. She is extremely knowledgeable and has great expertise. She customizes her methods to achieve the best results. She has studied with the best teachers and has even developed her own homeopathic medicines. The medicines that she developed that we have used really work great. She has an excellent way of making a diagnosis of your aches and pains. Every time we walk out of the office we feel so much better. She has kept us pain free and mobile for the last five years. She is a life saver. She is the best acupuncturist in the world. We love the outcome of her work on us. We recommend anyone that has a problem with pain of any kind to seek her expertise. We know she can help.

    thumb Charles Lockwood

    review rating 5  I call Candice a "healer", she is so incredibly in tune with my body's needs and always seems to intuitively no exactly what I need. There is never a time when i have left her office and not felt more relaxed, at ease and aligned. She customized an herbal formula for me that has been fantastic, I no longer need to take prescription thyroid medicine. Do yourself a HUGE favor, and make seeing Candice at least 2x a month a priority.. your body and mind will thank you!

    thumb Olivia M. Hammon

    review rating 5  Candice is the best. I never would have survived the last five years of my career without her help. She reduced my stress, calmed my soul and helped me become a healthier person; both physically and mentally. She prepared my mom for a big move from key Largo to Montana. When I arrived in Montana I searched for two years for a acupuncturist with her knowledge. When I thought I found someone I put her through my “Candice test” asking her a litany of questions. You won’t be disappointed.

    thumb Debbie Shepherd

    review rating 5  I first visited Candice at her practice just over two years ago, when I was suffering from depression and anxiety and could hardly make it through a day without a crying jag. She listened to my story with compassion and objectivity, and just her presence in itself was healing. We worked on a treatment plan together, which included regular needles and herbs. I felt better within a few weeks, and I'm very grateful to her for that. I also have a lot a respect for the fact that she started a low-cost clinic here in the Florida Keys for acupuncture, which addresses the need in our society for health care for all, as acupuncture is frequently not covered by health insurance. That shows Candice's sincere concern for the well-being of her patients. I'm sorry that she left the Keys, but Savannah is lucky to have her! 🙂

    thumb Charlotte Twine

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